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Do you know what it is and why to choose it?
360 Frontal Lace is Instead of wearing a regular Frontal that goes from ear to ear and not able to pull your hair up in the back, this particular Frontal goes around the whole perimeter of your head. It's flexible allows you to pull your hair into a high ponytail and if it's installed properly it will give the illusion as if growing from your scalp.

This isn't a wig but can be used to make a wig or for a hair weave you just add the bundles to the middle. It goes around the whole head so you can put it in a ponytail, and part anywhere too. All hand-tied and bleached knots with natural hairline.

Girls understand better by watching the video below:

I found on the Besthairbuy site a great explanation to know more about this type of application if I can call it that. But first I want to show some photos of the site for you:

I know a lot of girls that use appliques, some because of other things they really need, and that was my way of helping and sharing what I learned.
I hope I have helped you to understand better.
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