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You know that I love talking about marriage and its traditions and today I want to talk a little bit about Halo engagement rings.

According to tradition, it is believed that the ring finger of the left hand has a vein that is attached directly to the heart, known as the amoris vein.

Although there are records of something similar in ancient Egypt, the engagement ring as you know it today begins with Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477 when he asked for the hand of the Duchess of Burgundy with a diamond ring.

Between the 15th and 17th centuries, engagement rings carried a message of love, usually written on the outside. Until the 19th century, engagement rings began to have new versions using gemstones like rubies and diamonds, which were cut into the shape of a heart.

One should use the ring on the ring finger. Symbolically, putting a ring on someone's ring finger would mean being closer to that person's heart.

When we talk about wedding requests using the engagement ring, the only correct is for the bride to wear the ring on the ring finger of her left hand up to the altar.

Have you ever wondered why we use engagement rings as a token of commitment? Explanations should not be lacking. The fact is that insignia representing love are as old as our own species, so my flowers appreciate and enjoy their day their moment.
Now I want to give you the most important tip .... Where to buy the best and most elegant 

In Jeulia site you will fall in love with the many options, go there!

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Wedding dress in lace you find on D-daydress!

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I miss you. Whenever I have a spare time and an extra time, I come here to talk and of course give shopping tips, because we love shopping.
You know that I am completely delighted and obsessed with lace wedding dresses. This kind of clothes fascinates me. I find it very elegant and has a unique meaning in the life of every bride. I love to know the trends, the news in fabric, the sewing ... finally everything RsRsRs.
Whoever loves lace dresses raises the hand !!!
I!!! Certainly!
Take a peek at these long-laced dresses I found on the D-DayDress website:

Long sleeve lace wedding dress 

I do not know how to explain my preference for income, I love income, I look for income and then imagine a retro style. But let's combine girls, lace is very chic and elegant.
And for those who prefer a less formal outfit, but do not give up white clothing, the site also offers these models:


Lace wedding gowns

The wedding dress is 50% of the wedding ceremony. It's where everyone pays attention, you can be sure. The idea is that is impeccable.

Did you like the tips of my flowers?
If I were you I would rush to access the site and see how many options you have of dresses.
One more beautiful than the other.
I wanted to remarry RsRsRs.
Kisses my flowers.
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Prom dresses you will find in Aisle Style!

Hello my flowers, everything good !?
How long we do not talk, right?
They know how much I love sharing hot deals, hot tips, trends and cool websites that meet our need for safe shopping and offer many options to suit all tastes.
So I could not help but share this cool site that offers prom dress 2017.
Dressing up for the prom should be a fun experience, but if you want to know what's best for that special evening, there are a few tips to consider to achieve the perfect look.
When choosing the perfect dress, you should consider your own fashion sense and what looks best on you.

Olá minhas flores, tudo bom!?
Quanto tempo não nos falamos não é mesmo?
Sabem o quanto eu adoro compartilhar promoções, dicas quentes, tendencias e sites super legais, que atendam nossa necessidade de compras segura e que ofereçam muitas opções para todos os gostos.
Então eu não poderia deixar de compartilhar esse site bacana que oferece vestidos de baile.
Vestir-se para o baile deve ser uma experiência divertida, mas se você quiser saber o que é melhor para essa noite especial, existem algumas dicas a serem consideradas para conseguir a aparência perfeita.
Ao escolher o vestido perfeito, você deve considerar o seu próprio senso de moda e o que fica melhor em você.

Let's go to some examples of prom dress website Aisle Style:
Vamos a alguns exemplos de vestidos de baile do site:

Dresses can be long or short. If you decide on a dress, make sure that the hem is ideal for your height. If you choose a short dress, choose one that reaches at least up to the middle of the thigh. Any length shorter than this will remove all the elegance of your dress.
You should feel beautiful and comfortable in your prom dress. If you sacrifice one for the other, you will not make the most of the dance experience.
Aside from being physically comfortable, you will also want to be mentally comfortable. If you think you're going to dance a lot, wear a dress with wide straps that hold the top in place.

Os vestidos podem ser longos ou curtos. Se você decidir sobre um vestido, certifique-se de que a bainha esteja ideal para a sua altura. Se optar por um vestido curto, escolha um que atinja ao menos até o meio da coxa. Qualquer comprimento mais curto do que isso irá remover toda a elegância do seu vestido.
Você deve se sentir bonita e confortável com seu vestido de baile. Se você sacrificar um pelo outro, não conseguirá tirar o máximo proveito da experiência do baile.
Além de ser fisicamente confortável, você também vai querer estar mentalmente confortável. Se você acha que vai dançar bastante, use um vestido com alças largas capazes de segurar o top no lugar.

Like the tips?
Leave your comments for me to know.
Kisses my flowers, see you next time.

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Deixem seus comentários para eu saber.
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Access and check:
Acessem e confiram:

The Best Time to Check Pregnancy!

Hello my flowers, everything good !?
Let's talk a little bit about the woman's health today.
In my family we are all anxious with the arrival of a new member, my niece Sofia. I'm imagining her face. So I decided to say something about the symptoms of pregnancy, health and Check Pregnancy.
Remembering that the words linked are of a good site that talks about this wonderful subject.
Due to the hormonal alteration in the female organism during pregnancy, transformations can be noticed in many parts of the body.

We will list some care that the pregnant woman must take to mitigate the possible symptoms of the pregnancy.

Swelling in feet:

Exercise regularly;
Drink lots of water;
Avoid very salty food;
Rest with your feet and legs above heart level;
Avoid lying on your back - try to lie on your left side;
Control the feed to avoid very fast weight gain.
Back pains:

- Practice exercises such as stretching, water aerobics, pilates and / or yoga;
- Use firm mattresses;
- Perform massages in the sore area;
- Maintain proper posture when sitting down.
Pregnancy Stains (Chloasma):

- Use sunscreen above 30 fps;
- Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun;
- Avoid using creams with retinol or urea, which impair the formation of the baby;
- Wear sunglasses and a hat.

- Drink plenty of water - 1.5 to 2 liters per day;
- Eat at least three fruits a day, and do not forget the vegetables at meals;
- Feed six to eight times a day, dividing meals into small portions and chewing slowly;
- Avoid drinking liquids during meals;
- Protein and calcium are very necessary at this stage. Remember that red meat is abundant in protein and also in iron. Consume enough milk, because calcium is essential for the formation of the baby;
- Eat fruits rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi, orange, lemon, acerola, mandarin and pineapple;
- Consume carbohydrates moderately.

Experts say the morning period is the most delicate.
Most pregnant women will experience morning sickness at some point during their pregnancies. However, nausea and vomiting can be detrimental to both the mother and the baby.

Nausea is often accompanied with loss of appetite. During the first trimester, it is especially important for women to get all of the nutrients they need to produce a healthy baby. Missing even one meal a day can have a negative effect on the baby.

Women who have trouble keeping food down during the first trimester can also put their baby at risk. Excessive vomiting can lead to dehydration and other complications that can affect the pregnancy.

Then girls take care, follow the medical recommendations to the letter, all care will be little. And let's wait for the arrival of a new baby in the family.

Kisses my flowers !!!
Visit this site and enjoy the tips:

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