The Best Time to Check Pregnancy!

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Let's talk a little bit about the woman's health today.
In my family we are all anxious with the arrival of a new member, my niece Sofia. I'm imagining her face. So I decided to say something about the symptoms of pregnancy, health and Check Pregnancy.
Remembering that the words linked are of a good site that talks about this wonderful subject.
Due to the hormonal alteration in the female organism during pregnancy, transformations can be noticed in many parts of the body.

We will list some care that the pregnant woman must take to mitigate the possible symptoms of the pregnancy.

Swelling in feet:

Exercise regularly;
Drink lots of water;
Avoid very salty food;
Rest with your feet and legs above heart level;
Avoid lying on your back - try to lie on your left side;
Control the feed to avoid very fast weight gain.
Back pains:

- Practice exercises such as stretching, water aerobics, pilates and / or yoga;
- Use firm mattresses;
- Perform massages in the sore area;
- Maintain proper posture when sitting down.
Pregnancy Stains (Chloasma):

- Use sunscreen above 30 fps;
- Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun;
- Avoid using creams with retinol or urea, which impair the formation of the baby;
- Wear sunglasses and a hat.

- Drink plenty of water - 1.5 to 2 liters per day;
- Eat at least three fruits a day, and do not forget the vegetables at meals;
- Feed six to eight times a day, dividing meals into small portions and chewing slowly;
- Avoid drinking liquids during meals;
- Protein and calcium are very necessary at this stage. Remember that red meat is abundant in protein and also in iron. Consume enough milk, because calcium is essential for the formation of the baby;
- Eat fruits rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi, orange, lemon, acerola, mandarin and pineapple;
- Consume carbohydrates moderately.

Experts say the morning period is the most delicate.
Most pregnant women will experience morning sickness at some point during their pregnancies. However, nausea and vomiting can be detrimental to both the mother and the baby.

Nausea is often accompanied with loss of appetite. During the first trimester, it is especially important for women to get all of the nutrients they need to produce a healthy baby. Missing even one meal a day can have a negative effect on the baby.

Women who have trouble keeping food down during the first trimester can also put their baby at risk. Excessive vomiting can lead to dehydration and other complications that can affect the pregnancy.

Then girls take care, follow the medical recommendations to the letter, all care will be little. And let's wait for the arrival of a new baby in the family.

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Visit this site and enjoy the tips:

The Best 360 Frontal Lace Do you find it on BestHairBuy?

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Do you know what it is and why to choose it?
360 Frontal Lace is Instead of wearing a regular Frontal that goes from ear to ear and not able to pull your hair up in the back, this particular Frontal goes around the whole perimeter of your head. It's flexible allows you to pull your hair into a high ponytail and if it's installed properly it will give the illusion as if growing from your scalp.

This isn't a wig but can be used to make a wig or for a hair weave you just add the bundles to the middle. It goes around the whole head so you can put it in a ponytail, and part anywhere too. All hand-tied and bleached knots with natural hairline.

Girls understand better by watching the video below:

I found on the Besthairbuy site a great explanation to know more about this type of application if I can call it that. But first I want to show some photos of the site for you:

I know a lot of girls that use appliques, some because of other things they really need, and that was my way of helping and sharing what I learned.
I hope I have helped you to understand better.
Did you like the tip?

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Access and check:

Maxi Dresses or bodycon dresses you find in Fashionmia!

Hello my flowers, everything good !?
I was thinking, what to wear in the summer, what to wear in winter ....
Do you have to use something specific?
Wants to know? No!!! No rules, you know why?
Because we have to use what we like, which makes us feel good and comfortable.
I think the woman looks beautiful in a dress. Be it Bodycon dress or Maxi dresses
We can abuse the accessories for winter days, such as boots, berets, gloves and boots and for the summer only the elegance of the dress itself, only the main piece.
You already know me well and know that I spend hours futucando the net when I want to find promotions and of course I visited the site to check the news and I selected two pieces that I loved, we will see :

Olá minhas flores, tudo bom!?
Estava eu pensando, o que usar no verão, o que usar no inverno....
Tem que usar algo especifico mesmo?
Quer saber? Não!!! Não tem regras, sabe por que?
Porque nós temos que usar o que gostamos, o que nos faz sentir bem e confortável.
Eu acho que a mulher fica linda em um vestido. Seja Bodycon dress ou Maxi dress
Podemos abusar nos acessorios para os dias de inverno, como cachecol, boinas, luvas e botas e para o verão somente a elegância do próprio vestido, somente a peça principal.
Vocês ja me conhecem bem e sabem que eu fico horas futucando a net quando quero achar promoções e claro que visitei o site Fashionmia  para conferir as novidades e selecionei duas peças que eu amei, vamos ver:

It is inevitable to say that the dresses are versatile. You can use a model from summer to winter, just add some accessories. Of course there are models more suitable to some seasons, but the dress is undoubtedly a piece that transits in various climates.
Dresses are great options for varying the daily look, usually addicted to the typical combination pants and blouse. Despite this, some people still have doubts if it is worth investing in this piece.
É inevitável dizer que os vestidos são versáteis. Você pode usar um modelo do verão ao inverno, basta acrescentar alguns complementos. Claro que existem modelos mais adequados a algumas estações, mas o vestido sem dúvida é uma peça que transita em vários climas.
Vestidos são ótimas opções para variar o look diário, normalmente viciado na típica combinação calça e blusa. Apesar disso, tem gente ainda com dúvidas se vale a pena investir nessa peça.

Kisses my flowers!
Beijocas minhas flores!

Lace Wedding Dresses Australia!

Hello my flowers all good !?
How are you?
All set for the New Year?
I wish you all a wonderful year, full of peace, hope, dreams and wishes fulfilled and very happy.
And to start the year very well that we share promotions that we women love very much.
I love wedding dresses, I can not explain to you why, but I'm fascinated by the tradition of marrying dress, feel a queen that day, the preparations and all the history and such. At my wedding I could not have the desired party, the desired dress and I would be very happy if I had sites like to choose dresses as beautiful as the ones they offered.
Olá minhas flores tudo bom!?
Como vão vocês?
Tudo pronto para o Ano novo?
Desejo a todos um ano maravilhoso, cheio de paz, esperança, sonhos e desejos realizados e muito feliz.
E para começar o ano muito bem que tal compartilharmos promoções que nós mulheres adoramos muito.
Eu amo vestidos de noiva, não sei explicar para voces o porque, mas sou fascinada pela tradição de casar com vestido, se sentir uma rainha nesse dia, dos preparativos e de toda a historia e tal. No meu casamento não pude ter a festa desejada, o vestido desejado e ficaria muito feliz se tivesse sites como a para escolher vestidos tão lindos quanto esses que eles oferecem.

Take a look at the one I chose:
Dá uma olhadinha nesse que escolhi:

Pretty Off the Shoulde Court Train Mermaid Lace Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are one of the biggest concerns when it comes to wedding, brides want to be sure to make the best choice for that special day.
"The lace combines with more romantic style brides," says most of the stylists. But today there are lace with more modern graphics. For this reason, the material is versatile and can be used in both modern and classic dresses, in moving or more structured pieces.
Os vestidos de noiva são uma das maiores preocupações quando se trata de casamento, as noivas querem ter a certeza de fazer a melhor escolha para esse dia especial.
“A renda combina com noivas de estilo mais romântico”, diz a maioria dos estilistas. Mas hoje existem rendas com grafismos mais modernos. Por esse motivo,  o material é versátil e pode ser usado tanto em vestidos modernos quanto clássicos, em peças com movimento ou mais estruturadas.

Then visit the site and marvel at all the wonderful models of dresses.
Você quer ter vestidos de noiva baratinho e com qualidade?
Então visite o site e se encante com todos os maravilhosos modelos de vestidos.

Kisses my flowers
Beijocas minhas flores
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