Bodycon dresses style for stylish women in Fashionmia!

Hello my flowers, all good ?!

I'm missing a lot to give tips for cheap dresses for you. Already a while do not put here on the blog.
Now the trend is BodyCon Dress. (
Have you heard?
Then I'll talk a little bit of these dresses to you my flowers.
The bodycon dress is for even sensualizar, as it leaves every centimeter of the body in evidence and highlights the ways.
If you follow the fashionistas news may have heard about in 'bodycon dress', but if you are not a big fan of fashion, without even knowing what is probably seen the part in the body of some famous like Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and even the singer Christina Aguilera, who is not at the peak of fitness, have joined the look.
The dress model that is most just to the body, like those vacuum packaging seen in the market, can be used in short length, midi or necklines and cuts to enhance the body design.
You know I love a good promotion and like to find sites that can offer the famous good, beautiful and cheap, and that's how I discovered FashionMia.(

I want to show some beautiful models:

For those who love this style of dress the site is full of other even more beautiful. And it has many other promotions, which runs still time to take advantage.
They liked my flowers?
It is the tip!

Access and check out:

Beautiful prom dresses!

Hello my flowers, all good !?
How long our girls, I was homesick.
Missing give shopping tips and show you guys as there are magnificent sites of prom dresses.
I love dresses, I think the modern woman and current is super sexy and elegant in a powerful dress.
And I am pleased to present a site full of news, the winniedress.
I was delighted with so many choices of dresses, accessories and many other products that the site offers.
I know you guys love news and went looking for a little help with some suggestions.

I want to show two suggestions for two piece prom dresses

Well, my first suggestion for the baile is:

As some of my followers know, I'm living in the United States and here the fashion and trend is the prom dress two pieces. I found it very sexy and approved.
Pink Mermaid Short Sleeve Scoop Beaded Long Satin Two Piece Prom Dress.

The WinnieDress offers the traditional and elegant dresses and this with a mega promotion prom dresses under 200, check it out!
Champagne Sweetheart Beaded Bodice Chiffon Floor Length Prom Dress 

Now my favorite:

WinnieDress Creates each of its design into a combination of culture and art in an open-minded manner, and show the world the unique charm and verve of modern women. With following the new trend of dress design at world level, Winniedress design is positioned to display women’s elegance and grace to the greatest extent.

WinnieDress can ship to over 230 countries worldwide. There are 10 million products listing from our factory. You can find a wide rage of products from low price to high price on WinnieDress.

WinnieDress has the professional and knowledgeable customer service team which can be contacted online at any time. We also provide a safe and secure purchasing environment using PayPal payment. Unlike our competitors, has truly taken out the hassle of international trade—from product sourcing, secure payment and shipping. Since its establishment, WinnieDress has seen accelerating growth rate in a number of business indicators, including year-to-year gross merchandising value, number of orders, registered buyers and sellers, and listings.

Toalhas de banho e cozinha você encontra na Beddinginn! Bath and kitchen towels you find in Beddinginn!

Olá minhas flores, tudo bom!?
Apesar de serem essenciais para o nosso dia a dia, os itens do banheiro muitas vezes não recebem a atenção que deveriam. As toalhas de rosto, por exemplo, são usadas por todos de uma casa, além das visitas, é claro. As toalhas de banho são mais pessoais e costumam ser individuais, cada um tem a sua! Enquanto as toalhas de casa são confortáveis e macias, as toalhas de praia costumam ser, acima de tudo, cheias de estilo. Para não errar no tipo adequado te convido a conhecer o site da Beddinginn.

Hello my flowers, all good !?
Although they are essential for our day to day, the bathroom items often do not receive the attention it should. The face towels, for example, are used by all in a house, in addition to the visits of course. The bath towels are more personal and often individual, each has its own! While the house towels are comfortable and soft, the beach towels are often, above all, full of style. Not to miss the appropriate type invite you to know the site of Beddinginn.

Toalhas xadrez e de muita personalidade

Toalhas fofinhas e com temas

Panos de prato super descolados

Acertar na escolha da cor e estampa também são fatores importantes, pois acrescentam personalidade à toalha escolhida. A cor, o padrão e o estilo trazem o aspecto decorativo para a toalha, tornando-a um importante item de decoração do banheiro.

Para escolher a toalha ideal, é importante avaliar sua qualidade e logo depois suas estampas e cores para combinar com a personalidade de quem vai usá-la e também com o ambiente. O tamanho fica a seu critério, mas é interessante ressaltar que uma toalha grande proporciona um conforto bem maior na hora de sair do banho, da piscina ou na praia.

Hit the color choice and also print are important factors because they add personality to the chosen towel. The color, pattern and style bring the decorative appearance to the towel, making it an important bathroom decor item.

To choose the ideal towel, it is important to assess their quality and soon after his prints and colors to match the personality of those who will use it and also to the environment. The size is up to you, but it is interesting to note that a large towel provides a much greater comfort in time to get out of the bath, pool or beach.

Aproveitem as promoções!
Enjoy promotions!

Home & Garden - Bed & Bath
Company: Bedding Inn
Phone: 0086-10-56225210


Promoção antes do Natal de conjuntos para berço na Beddinginn! Promotion before Christmas crib sets for the Beddinginn!

Olá minhas flores, tudo bom!?
Hoje a dica é para as mamães de plantão ou para as futuras mamães.
No site da Beddinginn tem excelentes conjuntos de berço, super fofos e delicados, e o melhor cheio de promoções para antes do Natal.

Hello my flowers, all good !?
Today's tip is on duty for moms or future moms.
On the website of Beddinginn has excellent Crib Bedding Sets, super cute and delicate, and the best full of deals before Christmas.

A chegada de um bebê é um momento cheio de expectativas, sonhos e muitas preocupações. Por isso, trouxe algumas boas dicas e explicações sobre a importância do kit berço. Além do efeito decorativo, que deixa o quartinho do bebê mais bonitinho e aconchegante, o kit berço pode ajudar, e muito, na segurança do seu bebê. Afinal, o kit possui peças que proteger cabecinha e dedinhos curiosos nas grades do berço.
Entender a importância e a função de cada peça do kit berço, pode ajudar as mamães a escolher a melhor opção de kit para o seu filho. A cabeceira, por exemplo, nada mais é que um travesseiro e tem o objetivo de proteger a cabecinha do bebê. As laterais e a peseira protegem as demais laterais do berço, evitando que os “dedinhos curiosos” de machuquem nas grades do bercinho.

The arrival of a baby is a time full of expectations, dreams and many concerns.So I brought some good tips and explanations about the importance of  nightmare before christmas crib set. In addition to the decorative effect, leaving little room the more cute and cozy baby, cradle kit can help, and the security of your baby. After all, the kit has parts that protect little head and curious little fingers on crib bars.
Understand the importance and role of each part cradle kit, can help moms choose the best kit option for your child. The head, for example, is nothing but a pillow and aims to protect baby's little head. The sides and the footboard protect the other side of the crib, preventing the "curious little fingers" of hurt in the crib bars.

Para finalizar, vale lembrar que outro ponto importantíssimo é a amarração: o kit berço deve ser muito bem amarrado às grade do bercinho. Fora isso, vale dar um boa checada se todos os lacinhos das amarras estão do lado de fora do berço, evitando que o bebê puxe ou se prenda nestas amarras.

Finally, please note that another important point is the tying: the cradle kit should be well tied to the crib rail. Otherwise, it give good checked if all the ties bows are outside of the crib, preventing the baby pull or hold these bonds.

O site da  Beddinginn está com promoções excelentes  de kits de berço para antes do Natal.
Promoções e descontos com preços de Natal.
Vem conferir!

The site of  Beddinginn is with great promotions nightmare before christmas baby crib.
Promotions and discounts with Christmas prices.
Come check it out!

Home & Garden - Bed & Bath
Company: Bedding Inn
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